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What we do

House Wiring

Despite the prevalence of wireless technologies, expert house wiring remains crucial for ensuring reliable and efficient operation of high-end home automation systems. AudioWorks provides advanced wiring solutions that serve as the backbone for sophisticated audio, video, and control systems, guaranteeing seamless integration and future scalability in every residence.

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Energy/Power Plan

Optimize your home’s energy efficiency with AudioWorks’ cutting-edge energy and power management plans, featuring intelligent battery backup systems that expand to meet future needs. Our solutions monitor and manage power usage to enhance system efficiency and support a sustainable, high-performance lifestyle.


Experience the pinnacle of auditory bliss with AudioWorks’ invisible audio solutions. We specialize in integrating speakers that completely disappear into the decor, ensuring that your space maintains its aesthetic integrity while delivering rich, immersive sound tailored to the acoustics of each room.

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Elevate your viewing experience with AudioWorks, where we lead with the latest video technologies. From ultra-high-definition home theaters to expansive LED video walls, our video solutions are at the forefront of innovation, providing breathtaking visuals that transform entertainment into a stunning, cinematic event.

Lighting Design/Layout

Illuminate your home with strategic lighting design and layout from AudioWorks. Our plans not only enhance the beauty of your space but are practical, adding functional illumination that perfectly sets the ambiance for every occasion, with intelligent lighting fixtures that adapt to changing daylight and enhance mood.

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Lighting Control

Revolutionize your lighting with automated control systems from AudioWorks. Our solutions offer convenience and energy efficiency, allowing for easy adjustments and mood setting across your property, all while integrating seamlessly with your overall home automation system.

Lighting Fixtures

Enhance any space with AudioWorks’ intelligent lighting fixtures. Our advanced solutions can elevate the ambiance, adjust the color temperature with the sun’s position, and include options like integrated landscape lighting to beautify outdoor areas without compromising the modern, luxurious feel of your home.

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Home Network

Ensure robust connectivity across your property with AudioWorks’ high-performance home networking solutions. We specialize in delivering reliable networks that support all your communication and automation needs, maintaining optimal performance for luxury residences.


Secure your residence with comprehensive, high-end security solutions from AudioWorks. Our advanced systems include alarms, motion detectors, and access control, engineered to provide unparalleled peace of mind and protection.

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Shade & Window Treatments

Enhance comfort and privacy with custom, automated shades and window treatments from AudioWorks. Our systems are designed to work in harmony with lighting controls, directing natural light to complement your home’s interior and contribute to energy efficiency.


Maintain vigilant surveillance over your estate with AudioWorks’ state-of-the-art systems. Our high-definition cameras and integrated monitoring solutions offer clear, comprehensive oversight, ensuring security at all times in your home.

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AWCare/After Care Support

Preserve the integrity and performance of your high-end home automation systems with AWCare, AudioWorks’ premier annual support plan. We provide meticulous maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting, ensuring your technology remains in peak condition, year after year.

Our Process

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Focused entirely on you! Our discovery process involves deeply understanding your needs and desires for your system. We then meticulously design a solution that promises enduring performance and ease of use, tailored just for you.
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In our engineering phase, we meticulously plan your system with precision, considering interactions with other trades, compliance with building codes, and integration with existing systems. This thorough approach guarantees a durable system that seamlessly integrates into your home’s ecosystem.

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Project Work

From Rough-In to Final, we manage the entire project, providing updates throughout. We meticulously prebuild and test systems before deployment to ensure they are installed exactly as designed, aligning closely with your vision.

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Quality Control

We meticulously inspect every aspect of your system in your home, testing each button to confirm readiness. This is complemented by a comprehensive tutorial, ensuring you have the knowledge to operate your home exactly as you envisioned.
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OnGoing Support

Our technology seamlessly integrates into your life, and while it remains unobtrusive, we remain accessible. For those seeking peace of mind with round-the-clock support, our AWCare service ensures your system operates at its best when you need it most. As your needs evolve and technology advances, we’re here to support you through upgrades and beyond.
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